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Pokémon SAKOHJU: Characters

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Characters are listed in order of appearance. Warning: Minor Spoilers and lots of Fourth Wall breaking.



Ivy is a stubborn and oddly observant trainer. Chosen as Reshiram's hero, she successfully defeated Team Plasma. She has an equally stubborn twin sister, Hilda, and they both use way too much hair spray.


A decent trainer, he spent a long time looking for the legendary Pokémon Virizion, unintentionally tripping numerous people in the process before eventually achieving his goal. He also once had a traumatic experience with the legendary Pokémon Kyurem. He's something of Ivy's rival, and doesn't get along well with Hilda. He also has a twin brother, Hilbert.


Ivy and Hilda's aunt, she's kind of crazy. She's actually a very accomplished trainer and enjoys exploring. But, fail to get a good night's sleep and/or morning coffee, and she can be a handful. She also seems to know Colin Portet...


One of the Evolution sisters, she is the second youngest of the Eeveelution sisters who specializes in grass-type Pokémon. She's a huge nerd, and has been working as Professor Juniper's assistant in Unova. She also came up with the logo for SAKOHJU, which was inspired by her secret passion for video games.


  • First Appearance: Volume 1 Chapter 4 Old Rivals
  • Occupation: Omnipotent Fourth Wall Breaking Author and SAKOHJU Leader
  • Known Pokémon:
  • Home region: Beyond the Fourth Wall

The omnipotent fourth-wall breaking author of the story. She draws every page herself with plain old pencil and paper, and has coded this site page with her growing skills in html/css code. She controls her character's destinies and rigs their Pokémon battles, and seeing as she has full control of the story, she smashed through the fourth wall and took over the organization of SAKOHJU because she knows she is a far more capable leader for the organization than any of her characters could ever hope to be. Either that, or she's just messing around and is going to screw them over big time.


  • First Appearance: Volume 1 Chapter 4 Old Rivals
  • Occupation: Omnipotent Fourth Wall Breaking Editor
  • Known Pokémon:
  • Home region: Beyond the Fourth Wall

The omnipotent fourth-wall breaking editor of the story. The author's sister who scrutinizes and perfects her every piece of artwork, Julia joined her sister in the story and her SAKOHJU takeover. While she doesn't exercise her omnipotence as boldly as Ellen, the truth is Julia still has a significant say in the character's destinies. But whether Julia's actually planning to do something within the story, or if she's solely present to make fun of her sister, remains to be seen.


One of the Evolution Sisters, Fara is the third-oldest Eeveelution sister who specializes in fire-type Pokémon. The original founder of Team Midnight, she has since reformed herself and joined the good guys on SAKOHJU. However, that still doesn't stop her from being a proud jerk, and flaunting a team of legendary Pokémon.


"Chris" is short for "Christine", not to be confused with Team Midnight's Christine. A humble and poor gardener from the Kanto region, she travelled with her friend Felicity to work for Ren, a rich lady in Sinnoh, with the promise of higher wages. Maintaining Ren's garden is demanding, and Ren looks down on her quite a bit, but somehow her work is satisfactory enough to keep her job.


With the full name of Felicity Joy, Felicity is another member in the extensive and proud family of Nurse Joys, dedicated to the health of Pokémon. She travelled to Sinnoh with her companion Chris to work for Ren, and so far seems to be more on Ren's good side than Chris. Who can say no to Nurse Joy?


A rich snob A proud contest ace of the Sinnoh region, Ren is the wealthy daughter of the wealthy Mr. Backlot, who owns a famous garden on the outskirts of Hearthome City. Despite her disagreeable personality, she has embraced the idea of SAKOHJU and is even the one responsible for giving the organization its name.


A bubbly detective who works together with Trudy and Dave. She's the only one who knows Trudy and Dave secretly have a crush on each other. Her upbeat demeanor often makes others question her capability as a detective, but don't be fooled.


A serious detective who works together with Wendy and Dave, and who secretly has a crush on Dave. She's probably the most straightforward and capable of the detective trio.


A quiet detective who works together with Wendy and Trudy, and who secretly has a crush on Trudy. His quietness makes him often overlooked, which is great for detective work, not so great for having a social life.


The younger sister of top ranger Keith, Sadie is now a top ranked Pokémon ranger herself. She's generally a kind and positive personality. She befriended a girl named Liz in ranger school, who turned out to be the criminal DeeDee Acacia. She still hasn't quite gotten over the betrayal.


Willow's identical twin brother. Though they're identical, there's a few ways to tell them apart. Willow has a faint scar under one eye from his encounter with Kyurem. The author occasionally labels them for the reader's benefit when they are in a scene together. And, in general, Hilbert is significantly less...attentive. Yeah, we'll put it that way. He's...not very bright.


Ivy's identical twin sister. There really is almost no way to tell them apart. That is, until Hilda got a scar from her encounter with Clea, but then the twins started wearing sleeves to cover it up, so you still can't tell them apart. Not unless the author has labeled them for the reader's benefit, which she does occasionally. While Ivy and Hilda are both stubborn souls, Hilda is significantly more scholarly and diligently studies Pokémon.


A top Pokémon ranger who patrols in the Oblivia region. She used to be a Team Midnight executive, back in the days when Fara was leader. Her older sister June was jealous of her position, and in retribution has gone and started Neo-Team Midnight. As of now though, they haven't done much to make Summer care.


  • First Appearance: Volume 5 Chapter 1 Toast
  • Occupation: Baker
  • Party Pokémon:
  • Home Town: Tilt Village, Mitonga Island, Oblivia

An unworldly soul who owns a bakery in Tilt Village. She's a very weak Pokémon trainer, and she has never left and refuses to leave her home region of Oblivia.


Not to be confused with Grace Portet, this Grace is one of the Evolution Sisters and is the second oldest of the Eeveelution sister, specializing in ice-type Pokémon. Much like her Glaceon, she is generally a very serene and charming person.


One of the Evolution sisters, she is the oldest of the Eeveelution sisters and specializes in water-type Pokémon. She can be a bit of a snob, but is generally kind to her sisters.


The older out of the Kirlia Evolution sisters, Gardia is a soft-spoken self-proclaimed psychic and specializes in (surprise!) psychic-type Pokémon. She's also a big fan of the Go-Rock Quad.


The younger out of the Clamperl Evolution sisters, she is a water and psychic type specialist. She and her sister work well together and are both stylish and capable trainers.


The older out of the Clamperl Evolution sisters, she is a water and dark type specialist. She and her sister work well together and are both stylish and capable trainers, although she's the more outgoing of the two.


The younger of the Kirlia Evolution sisters, Gallia is the more outgoing of the two and specializes in psychic and fighting-type Pokémon. She's big on martial arts and physical activity, so conquering the brutal and cold Mt. Silver is a fun outdoors excursion for her.


One of the Evolution Sisters and the youngest Eeveelution sister, Jamie specializes in Electric Pokémon. She's super adorable and definitely the baby of the family.


One of the Evolution Sisters and the fourth oldest of the Eeveelution sisters, Umbi specializes in dark-type Pokémon. While her type specialty is intense, Umbi herself is actually very kind. She's particularly close with Emily.


One of the Evolution Sisters and the third youngest of the Eeveelution sisters, Emily specializes in psychic-type Pokémon. Like Gardia, she is a self-proclaimed psychic, but much more enthusiastic and up front about it. She's particularly close with Umbi.


A random trainer who randomly joined SAKOHJU and doesn't seem to know a whole lot about Pokémon or Pokearth. Guess we'll see how that turns out...

Team Midnight


One of the original three Team Midnight Executives from back when Fara was in charge, Yvenne is a master of disguise. She uses a team of all Ditto's and masterfully fools people with them. Heck, who knows what she even really looks like...


Amelia is actually a double agent for Team Midnight and Team Plasma. A witty and sarcastic person, Amelia is also very good friend with the author and occasionally assists her in interviewing characters and breaking down the fourth wall. However, Amelia often gives Ellen a hard time about the fact that she doesn't swear, and laces her dialogue with language that the author is forced to censor in order to keep the comic clean.


A few leftovers from the original Team Midnight that stuck around for the team's revival. In true grunt fashion, they are completely useless deadweights.


One of the original three Team Midnight Executives from back when Fara was in charge, Catheryn was the ringleader of the executives. She acts charismatic, but the truth is she's lost most authority ever since Neo-Team Midnight brought in a wave of more interesting and capable characters.


A skilled trainer, musician, and martial artist, Kristen is one Team Midnight executive you don't want to mess with. Unfortunately, she ends up spending most of her time supervising the wily Shane.


A...unique individual. Shane is a skilled trumpet player and lives according to his own music. He's not afraid to sing out loud and proud, dance in public, and get up in people's faces. This does however make him a little unmanageable, unfortunately for Kristen, who ends up supervising him most of the time. He is crazy and interesting enough that he earned an entire bonus volume to himself, in which the author documents notable events she has observed or experienced with the Shane himself and secretly stalls while rewriting the Volume 8 script.


Team Midnight's designated "Supernerd", who often ends up working together with Shanti. Liz is a wiz when it comes to math and computers and general nerdiness. She's also appropriately evil when going about doing dastardly deeds for Team Midnight.


Team Midnight's designated hacker, who often ends up working in conjunction with Liz. Well, more like they're just assigned to missions at the same time. Shanti's more of the solitary type and has been known to throw knives at people who open her door while she's working.


Summer's older sister and the leader of Neo-Team Midnight. An executive in the original Team Midnight, she was jealous that her younger sister held a higher position than her. As a result, after the organization disbanded, she revived it and of course this time, she took the highest rank. Now, she plans to get back at Summer.


One of Team Midnight's most villainous executives. She can be witty, blunt, sarcastic, and excels at being a villain and terrorizing the good guys. She's good friends with Emma and Amelia, and often works in conjunction with them on missions. She also complains of a general lack of screen time.


A novice Pokémon trainer who somehow got recruited into Team Midnight, Jack is perpetually guided by his stomach. There is only one thing he wants from you, and one thing alone: Any and all food in your possession. Do you have any food?


Not to be confused with SAKOHJU's Christine, this Christine is a more minor executive in Team Midnight, and...vertically challenged. She's actually a very nice and bubbly person, but helping supervise Team Midnight's scientists has left her somewhat befuddled.

Paulo Verde

A Team Midnight scientist, Paulo doesn't actually bother much with the legendary Pokémon he's supposed to study, opting instead to examine and experiment with cells and generally apply his superior intellect to studying things that most humans can't comprehend.

Sue Doku

A Team Midnight scientist, she doesn't really bother at all to study the legendary Pokémon she's supposed to. Instead, she opts to apply her superior intellect to the ancient and noble art of Sudoku. In fact, she's conquered the world's most challenging sudoku puzzles. There is literally no sudoku puzzle in the entire universe that she can not and has not solved.

Team Plasma


Plasmaaaaaaa! Plasma grunts are numerous and quite expendable, with questionable taste in Pokémon (*coughGarbaderpcough*). They're also some of the biggest hypocrites in the Pokémon world, having joined an organization advocating Pokémon liberation while they wield their own Pokémon against trainers to steal their precious Pokémon.


N's father. Having groomed N to be the king of Team Plasma, Ghetsis is really the mastermind behind it all, using Team Plasma in his own nefarious attempt to take over the Unova region. Having failed that, he's making a comeback with Neo-Team Plasma, is now finding he has to compete with Neo-Team Midnight for screen time. He's also incredibly egotistical.

The Shadow Triad

Mysterious servants of Ghetsis, it's uncertain what they are. They must not be human, because humans can't mysteriously teleport, can they? Whatever they are, they're a shifty trio.


The "king" of Team Plasma and the hero chosen by Zekrom, N is a mysterious individual with the ability to communicate with Pokémon. He originally believed in Team Plasma's objective of Pokémon liberation and challenged Ivy, Reshiram's hero, to prove his ideals. After he lost and found out that his father Ghetsis used him, N has since disappeared from the public eye, presumably doing some soul-searching.


One of Team Plasma's many sages, a group of old men who blindly followed Ghetsis on this whole Team Plasma thing. They disbanded along with Team Plasma.

Acacia and Portet

Members of the Acacia and Portet families. Various members are affiliated with Team Midnight, others aren't, all are troublemakers.


The oldest of the Portet siblings, Colin is a freakishly strong trainer with an eye for unique and beautiful Pokémon. He absolutely dotes on his precious baby, Eva the Luxray. Currently a high-ranking Team Midnight executive, he's an ambitious and charismatic villain. He seems to know Lenore...


Colin's younger sister, she enjoys teasing her older brother. She's also a high-ranking Team Midnight executive who can often be found working in conjunction with Amelia and Gabi. Smart and charismatic, she often appears to terrorize the good guys and seems to get a great deal of satisfaction out of it.


DeeDee is the youngest of the Acacia siblings. The "Little Devil" moniker on her shirt is no lie. DeeDee takes no sides but her own, and that means explosions. DeeDee is a hardcore pyromaniac, and, if given the slightest opportunity, will not hesitate to set things on fire or blow them up. She also just creates a lot of general mischief, often with severe consequences for her victims. She often seems to work together with her older sister Clea on carrying out devious schemes to terrorize the general populace.


  • First Appearance: Volume 3 Chapter 4 Allie
  • Occupation: She does whatever the heck she wants
  • Party Pokémon:
  • Other Pokémon:
  • Home town: Driftveil City, Unova

The oldest of the Acacia siblings, Clea is definitely the one you don't want to encounter. Ever. A master manipulator of the Shadow World, Clea possesses unworldly abilities which she abuses in order to create mischief and terrorize people for fun. She's also the inventor of the "Prison Ball" and the "Devil Ball", so she can steal people's Pokémon and then double their levels, using their enhanced power to her own means. Sometimes she recruits her little sister DeeDee to make mischief. To sum it up, Clea is an unworldly terror to the world of Pokémon, and she does it because she can and because tormenting people seems to give her some sort of sadistic pleasure. She also has a piña colada addiction.


The middle child of the Acacia siblings, Wayne is the only good guy in the family. Formerly one of the original three Team Midnight executives back when Fara was in charge, he had a change of heart and left the team. Now, he's the only Acacia who's joined SAKOHJU and is actually trying to be a good person. Because of his innately benevolent nature, he often gets walked on by his sisters and his Portet cousins. Surprisingly, he's also quite good at cooking.


The mother of the Portets, Kimmy is a bundle of uncontainable enthusiasm and no financial management skills. She maintains a magnificent garden, and has absolutely no regard for the crumbling excuse for a building that her children call a house. She and her trusty Wigglytuff share the same energy and cheerful countenance.


  • First Appearance: Volume 6 Round 1: Freestyle
  • Occupation: Team Midnight Executive
  • Party Pokémon:
  • Other Pokémon:
  • Home town: Driftveil City, Unova

Not to be confused with Grace the evolution sister, this Grace is the youngest of the Portet siblings, and has a unique affinity for Tynamos. A Team Midnight executive like her siblings, Grace is pretty close to her sister and is always happy to help carry out evil deeds.