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Pokémon SAKOHJU: Characters

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This page is for characters unaffiliated with any organization. For members of SAKOHJU, Team Midnight, Team Plasma, etc., go to the main characters page. Characters are listed in order of appearance. Warning: Minor Spoilers and lots of Fourth Wall breaking.

Important Characters

Characters that aren't affiliated with any organizations, but are still very important and/or frequently recurring


One of Ivy's childhood friends, Bianca is a bit clumsy but big-hearted. She's always looking out for her friends. Currently, she's helping out in Professor Juniper's lab.


One of Ivy's childhood friends, don't be fooled by his nerdy appearance. Cheren is an ambitious and capable trainer, and just recently became a gym leader.


Ivy and Hilda's mom, she's generally a patient woman, though it's easy to tell where the twins got their stubborn streak from. Despite being a weak trainer, she somehow has the legendary Pokémon Cobalion. She seems to really hate Colin...


Willow and Hilbert's mom, she's a kind and patient woman. She's not really much of a Pokémon trainer, but luckily for her the rest of her family can handle Pokémon quite well. Guess that trainer gene skipped a generation.


  • First Appearance: Volume 3 Prologue
  • Occupation: Pokémon Ranger
  • Partner Pokémon:
  • Home region: Almia

A top ranked Pokémon ranger, Kate is arguably one of if not the best rangers out there. That's why everyone was so shocked when she briefly went missing. Although she was found, she doesn't remember what happened and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance remain a mystery. Nonetheless, Kate has returned to performing top-notch top-ranger duty.


Sadie's older brother, Keith is a top ranked Pokémon ranger who also works closely with Kate. He's a fairly lighthearted person and a caring sibling. Despite his skill as a ranger, he finds himself consistently ranked second to Kate.

Minor Characters

Notable characters that appear only briefly and/or do not reoccur





Cedric Juniper

Professor Aurea Juniper